Some Work

From MTV to live TV, film, game shows, animation, on-camera and voiceover, podcasts... lots of stuff here

You Bet Your Life | Fox Television

Jay Leno hosts this reboot of the Groucho Marx game show – where strangers meet onstage to win a little money and have some laughs. The conversation is always funny and everyone goes home with a little money in their pocket. The show is set to debut in September of 2021 and will run 5 nights a week on Fox.

History Of Swear Words | Netflix

Consulting Producer of this 10-part series that deep into the historical, social and cultural origins and impact of working blue with all the right words. Celebrities and experts weigh in, along with funny and fun animations and reenactments.

Full Bloom | HBO Max

Senior Producer on this reality competition show in the spirit of "The Great British Bake-Off" – but with flowers instead of cookies. 10 of the country's best budding florists compete for $100,000 under the guidance and judgement of 3 international florists at the top of their game. Debuts November 2020.

Edumacation Podcast | Smodcast 

Here is a podcast unlike any other. While Andy brings a boatload of fun facts from science and pop culture, Kevin smokes powerful marijuana and goes off on confused tangents. But sometimes... it sticks! This popular pod is now behind the "That Kevin Smith Club" paywall.

Tonight Show with Jay Leno | NBC

Writer, Segment Director, Graphics lead and many other roles over a 14-year-run of this classic late night show. I ended up traveling the world and shooting hundreds of remote segments with talent like Kevin Smith, Kevin Nealon, Dave Chappelle, Tom Green and many others. Always grateful to have my jokes performed by Jay!

Rocket Power | Nickelodeon

Co-creator and head writer for this popular Nickelodeon cartoon that was #1 on the channel for its first three years. The show has made a comeback with new viewers, but has yet to go back into production like some other Klasky-Csupo classics, like Rugrats.

White Chicks | Sony

After Shawn Wayans and his wife saw the crazy shenanigans of the Hilton Sisters at dinner in New York, we sat down to send up the celebutante culture in this satire. Winner of the BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Writing, it is still in the top 10 for sleepover movies. There is a dance battle!

Chasing the Cure Live | Turner

Senior Producer on this live, weekly 90-minute medical show, with veteran reporter Ann Curry helping to bring answers to patients with mysterious ailments. I also got to help make the popular "Not So Urgent Care" segments with Dr. Raj Sangupta. The show received a Critic's Choice Award for best live program.

Joker's Wild | Turner

Writer on this update of the classic Jack Barry game show. Instead of the host reading almanac-style questions, however, we wrote and shot a slew of celebs presenting a wide variety of visual and audio challenges. The show is memorable to everyone except perhaps the host, who smoked a lot of weed before taping.

The President Test | Boardwalk

I'm including this pilot because it was so interesting to work on and shoot. It is a simulation of a bad day in the Oval Office and Situation Room, where a performer walks in cold and must do the president's job, with real former cabinet members to help. In the vein of "Choose your own adventure" with more than 360 possible paths, I wrote the script as a hyperlinked website.

With more than 30 years in entertainment, I have done too many different things to include them all here. From starting in New York as the first employee of The Zagat Survey, to playing the MTV Beach House Tiki God, to working on the Scary Movies and other films for the Wayans, to writing the pilot for "Playhouse Disney," to shooting and editing hundreds of "Jaywalking" segments, and doing punch-up on countless projects – let's face it, I've done a lot of shit.

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